Posted by RB on 13th Jul 2020

A Craniac's Connection Garden!

What does a craniac do when she is unable to tour the International Crane Foundation?

I recently had an email from an avid craniac. She is a member of the International Crane Foundation and when she is able visits our campus to see and enjoy the birds. Without being able to come on to our closed site due to the renovations, then the safer at home mandate, she has cleverly mustered up her own version of the foundation, in her own backyard!

She has collected a variety of cranes, and placed them in a beautiful garden she calls her crane connection! Now when she wants to view the cranes she simply goes into her backyard and admires the sculptures! I am attaching a photo she has approved for you all to view!

I have included in the July Gift Guide, entitled Christmas in July and set to post this week, the opportunity for all of you to create your “at home crane connection” by including our Dancing Cranes for your purchase. Both Sandhills and Whooping Cranes are available, and a chick that will accompany either bird can also be purchased.

Be sure to see our "Christmas in July Gift Guide" to view the Crane Connection Garden!

Remember to Keep Calm and Crane On!