Posted by Rose Boyajian on 23rd Nov 2020

Behind The "New" Gallery Wall in The George Archibald Welcome Center Gift Shop

Nov 18, 2020

Behind The Gallery Wall in The George Archibald Welcome Center Gift Shop

By Rose Boyajian

I am excited to debut the new gallery wall within the gift shop at the George Archibald Welcome Center! I have chosen three local contributing artists to display their original works. Below, in their own words, is insight into their connection to cranes and the International Crane Foundation. Each artist also talks about her own inspiration for the artwork to be displayed. Enjoy, and then take a moment to visit the online <shop> (hotlink) to view their work.

Artist Janet Flynn

"Throughout my life I have sought out places of beauty and solitude in nature wherever I lived. I have always known that I am one of those people that cannot live without wild things.

"Late in 2018 before the International Crane Foundation closed for the season, I went out to walk the hiking trails. As I passed through the gift shop a staff member said Dr. George Archibald, cofounder of the International Crane Foundation, had been through earlier in the day and said he was going out to visit his “grandchildren,” the cranes. Oh, my goodness! What a wonderful inspiration for a painting."

Janet's work, entitled George's Grandchildren, is available in limited quantities of numbered, signed and matted prints. Dr. Archibald retains the original piece in his collection.  

Artist Clare Cooley

"I am intrigued by the spirit of cranes and the essence of the environments they live in. I have long been fascinated by the perspective of these magnificent creatures. For me, this painting/drawing is about the feeling of rising above earthy concerns.

“Portraying the sublime designs of nature inspires me. My art is influenced by the time we are in, when balancing human life to exist in harmony with nature is crucial. My hope is that my art will help motivate others to rise up to our luminous potential as guardians of the environment and all its creatures."

Clare's work, entitled Whooping Cranes Ascending, is a 30" x 40" original watercolor, is available for sale in the gift shop. Her "White-naped Cranes Arching" prints and stationery notecard box sets are available in the Gift Shop.

Artist and Sculptor Kim Russell

Bird artist Kim Russell puts pen to paper only when she knows her subject intimately. Her research becomes a journey that leads her from one path to another.

“For every question I answer, I come up with three more. Along the way, I gain a wealth of fascinating facts about birds, and I gain more insight into my own place in the world.”

Kim’s original work, entitled Blue Crane, is for sale and will be shown by appointment directly with Kim Russell. The canvas art piece of Cacophany is on display on the gallery wall at the International Crane Foundation Gift Shop. 

Additionally, cards and prints of Janet Flynn, Clare Cooley and Kim Russell's work,  are available at or by phone at 608 356-9462 ext. 171.