I Give A Whoop!

18th Nov 2020

I Give A Whoop!

What exactly is a “Craniac” and why should they Keep Calm and Crane On?

Recently Crane Research Coordinator Anne Lacey assisted the US Fish & Wildlife Department, with the assistance of the Florida Wildlife & Conservation Committee with the relocation of a population of non-migratory Whooping Cranes to join another population of non-migratory Whooping Cranes located in Louisiana. The birds had taken up residency on a lake and were being carefully monitored and enjoyed by the land owners adjacent to the lake. In the best interest of the birds, and good science, these birds needed to be relocated to assure future mating and reproduction opportunities.

We are proud to report that the land owners were naturally protective of these birds and took measures to assure the birds best interests were considered. This included researching the International Crane Foundation’s web site to verify the mission before allowing staff to retrieve and secure the birds for travel to their new location.

This indeed is the behavior of a true Craniac! The Gift Shop at the International Crane Foundation has honored their mighty commitment to the Whooping Cranes and conservation by sending these families a 2 1/2-foot-tall bobbing outdoor crane to place on their lake.

To order your bobbing cranes, please visit www.craneshop.org or call the Gift Shop 608-356-9462 ext. 171.

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