Posted by Rose Boyajian on 21st Apr 2020


I hope you are all well these days.  The Staff of the International Crane Foundation remain safer at home right now.  But we all are working to assure a safe return to our campus in Baraboo, as well as across the globe.  That includes the creative staff of the Gift Shop!  We continue to create new products with the same enthusiasm and artistic view as ever.

Recently one of our shoppers commented to me via email regarding being able to place things on a wish list until we are able to ship.  Here is her comment:

"I think having “wish list” status is useful, especially if items are deleted automatically from a “cart”. Personally I tend to put things in a cart even when I know I’m going to think about whether or not to actually purchase the item for myself or as a gift. Do I really need it, will the person like it, can I afford it, etc. It’s a bummer if the cart gets reset automatically and I can’t remember what I was considering. And I don’t see a downside to “wish list” status. 

Although it is not possible right now to travel to see the cranes and shop in the store, the time for all of us to be out safely will be here in no time!  In the meantime, please visit the online store, place your items in the "wish list" option provided for you on the items page. As soon as we are able to reopen we will contact you regarding your items and your "wish" to complete and ship your purchases!

Until then, Keep Calm and Crane On and keep your wishes coming!