18th Feb 2021

Thursdays in the Gift Shop with Sharon

Hi!  Welcome to our new weekly gift shop post, "Thursdays in the Gift Shop with Sharon."  Do you know Sharon?  For the past year throughout the pandemic, Sharon has worked most Thursdays, by herself, in the Gift Shop on site.  She has  been filling and shipping orders, answering and returning your phone calls, and receiving merchandise to meet sales demands.  Alone in that beautiful new building, Sharon enjoys the many hats she has been wearing, Sharon is very familiar with our merchandise and will share some of her favorite items with you on a weekly basis through this blog!

""Being in Wisconsin, I wear a lot of hoodies and this is the softest one I have. And in my favorite color, green!! Here at the International Crane Foundation, we make sure our cranes are comfy in the winter and we in the gift shop want to make sure you are too!! So check out our hoodies, you will LOVE them.. See you next week!!!!"